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The size of the boat, the loads you carry on an average trip, the type of water you primarily run in and the level of performance desired should factor into your choice of pumps.

You should always consider a boat slightly larger than what you think you need. 21′ is a very popular size because it is large enough to carry a sizeable group (up to 8 people quite comfortably), yet is highly maneuverable and easy to trailer. Buying too small of a boat often results in an upgrade the following season.

The use of marine grade aluminum, zinc anodes, and freshwater cooling in combination with respected name brand components such as Faria, Morse Controls, Detmar, PPG, Heatercraft, Lawrance, Redline Marine, Marine Power Corp, Hamilton Jet, Guest, Teleflex, Mecury Marine – to the premium grade materials such as “rot not” treated marine wood products gives Thunder Jet boats as much salt water protection the industry can offer.

Nearly all recreational boat manufacturers place their operator’s position on the right-hand side and use right-hand rotation propellers to compensate for the boat roll resulting from propeller torque. Jet pumps do not produce boat roll, therefore Thunder Jet is simply following the “right” tradition.


Thunder Jet and our trusted dealer network are here to help you.

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