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Martha’s New Toy

After a one hour sea trial yesterday on the Columbia River,  Martha and I were amazed by the Thunder Jet Explorer. .  After a brief demo by the salesman,  Martha took the helm and put the boat through some of the same maneuvers followed by me.   marthas toy     When we decided to buy a new fishing boat for Alaska,  we saw the quality construction and experienced the ride in a friends boat in Canada.  With an open mind we looked at all of the comparable models and kept coming back to the Thunder Jet because of the quality and value.  With confidence we made our decision, even before we really understood what this boat does on the water.   I can't describe with words what this boat did on the water yesterday. The only way to understand it, I think,  is to actually be inside where you see the water outside and feel the handling from inside.  It's kind of like Space Mountain,  You don't know what it is until you get off of it.   We are headed to San Diego for a few days and will bring the boat back to Anacortes just before Thanksgiving. Our first year basic trick out will include, owner installed,  Downriggers, Sonar, VHF, and bottom paint.  Feel free to stop by and check out the boat and be entertained by my wrench and drillmanship. marthas toy 2   John Adams, P.O. Box 2058 Anacortes, WA 98221